Registration FAQ- Registration questions

What is WAKA's policy on Team names?

WAKA Kickball team names may not contain reference or implication to political agenda, issue, candidates, elected officials, religion, or overt alcohol, drug, or sexual reference. WAKA retains the right to reject team names for any reason.

There no league near me - how can I bring WAKA to my area?

There's actually quite a lot that a motivated volunteer can do to help launch a WAKA league in their area! If you have the time and inclination to research fields, apply for permits, and help get the word out, then visit the Contact Us page and write us under category "Start a WAKA Kickball League" - that way you'll be the first person we reach out to when WAKA begins to develop your region!

Why did the registration fee for the league I play in go up?

For all WAKA Leagues there will be a $5 increase in base fee with effect of Fall 2010 seasons of play. WAKA last increased its base fee in 2002 and since then the cost of providing our services have increased significantly. We continue to do all we can to keep WAKA Kickball affordable for all and this increase represents an average of only $0.50 per week. WAKA will continue to provide each league substantial funds to use for league related activities such as mid season and end of season parties and we will continue to negotiate the best bar deals available.

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe from a WAKA email list?

WAKA maintains numerous mailing lists, including the national monthly Kickball Today newsletter, and individual news/info lists for every league. To make sure that you are properly subscribed and unsubscribed to the league lists you desire, log in and visit your account page and look for the Email Subscriptions section. To subscribe or unsubscribe to Kickball Today, click here. If you've forgotten your password, you can request a reset and a new one will be emailed to you.

What is WAKA’s policy in regards to weather conditions and if games will be played?

A typical WAKA Kickball Season consists of 8 regular season games and a league single elimination tournament. Games are always played subject to the prevailing weather conditions. Player safety is our first concern, and therefore if conditions exist where it could be dangerous to play or to continue to play WAKA reserves the right to cancel or postpone games.

My company would like to field a full Team, is that possible?

Yes! Contact your desired league's WAKA Customer Service Representative for details and instructions. You can find this link on the right-hand side of your League webpage, or you can select your League from this form.

Can I be a Referee?

All WAKA Referees are players within the league. If you are a player, be sure to let your Captain know you're interested in Referee duty! Not only does it provide a necessary service for the league and fulfill one obligation of your Team, but many leagues offer an incentive program for their best and busiest Refs. Experienced WAKA Refs also become eligible for the Founders Cup Certified Tournament Referee program - a chance to visit Las Vegas and help officiate games in the one and only World Kickball Championship!

A friend registered for my Group/Team but I don't yet see them on the roster...

Please allow 24 hours for newly registered players to appear on their desired roster. If the player hasn't turned up by then, contact your WAKA Customer Service Representative for assistance.

What is WAKA's refund policy?

WAKA does not offer refunds once you have registered for a season.

What does the registration fee include?

Here’s a partial list of the included benefits for WAKA players:

One full season of WAKA Kickball games, including climactic League Tournament. Typically around 10 weeks of fun in all!
Multiple parties and other official League social and charity events
Discounts/Specials at the official League Bar, where players gather to socialize each week after games
WAKA team kickball t-shirt for each participant (Sizes S-XXL available, or larger in some colors.)

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