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8 Free CLUBWAKA Events Happening This Week

It’s Monday again and while we may be a little grumbly about the new work week, these free CLUBWAKA games are making it a lot more bearable! 

CLUBWAKA is loaded with free events all week long, which means that aspiring adult social sports athletes across the nation have plenty of opportunities to jump in and enjoy a game. These events are open to anyone aged 21+, so feel free to bring your friends, family, and co-workers - the more the merrier!

Check out this week's schedule of free CLUBWAKA events and get ready to play away the summertime blues: 

15 Kickball Base Slides You Won't Believe Are Real

Every baller love that awesome feeling you get when crossing home plate.., but what about that incredible fleeting moment of flight when you throw yourself head first toward a base in a slide? Share in the joy of these fifteen unbelievable kickball base slides & tag us with #CLUBWAKA in your best slide photos! 


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