Founders Cup 2012 Tournament Teams

Founders Cup XV Tournament Teams

The 1% (CA Star, North Hollywood)
99 Problems but a Pitch Aint One! (NC Glory, Charlotte)
All American Riff Raff (CO Mile High, Denver)
All Your Base Are Belong to Us (NV Lucky, Las Vegas)
The Andy Dufrenses (NM Zia, Albuquerque)
Annexation of Puerto Rico (CA Hollywood, Los Angeles)
Back in Black (AL Capital, Montgomery)
The Ballkickers (MO Jazz, Kansas City)
Balls Deep (CA Dogtown, West Los Angeles)
Cojones de Conejo (CA Canyon, Newbury Park)
Dandy Lions (CA Star, North Hollywood)
Dice. Kickball (CO Mile High, Denver)
Dragon Army (CA Studio, North Hollywood)
El Guapo (MO Kansas City, Kansas City)
Electric Mayhem (MA Ivy, Cambridge)
Fake Chow (AZ Blister, Tucson)
Holla Holla Kickballas (CA Capital, Sacramento)
Howie's Heavers (NM Mesa, Albuquerque)
I'd Hit It (TX Thunder, Dallas)
I.H.Y.M.H.B. (CA Silverlake, Los Angeles)
Kicktators (CA Surf City, Huntington Beach)
Legotronix (VT Sunshine, Burlington)
Liver Let Die (CA Orange Crush, Irvine)
Los Brew Crew (CA Crown, Pasadena)
Moist Ballsagna (CA Crown, Pasadena)
Mr. Hankeys Kickball Special (NM Mesa, Albuquerque)
Multiple Scoregasms (CA Solstice, Santa Barbara)
NDW - No Dead Weight (ME Superhero, Portland)
Nerdy Hillbillies UT (UT Mountain, Salt Lake City)
No Big Deal (CA Dogtown, West Los Angeles)
Oakland Balligerents (CA Bayshore, Oakland)
Oh Danny Balls (LA Freedom, New Orleans)
OSC - Other Shot Callers (DC Capital, Washington)
Pink On The Inside (CA Golden Gate, San Francisco)
Pistachio Bashio (DC Atlantic, Washington)
Pitch Please (CA Hollywood, Los Angeles)
Pitches Be Crazy!! (NV Silver, Las Vegas)
Pitches with Attitude (CA Tinseltown, Los Angeles)
Playground Prodigies TT (GA Thunder, Sandy Springs)
Purple Cobras (OK Capital, Oklahoma City)
The Reacharounds (CA Tinseltown, Los Angeles)
Recess Allstars (AZ Victory, Glendale)
Relax and Let it Happen (TX Capital, Austin)
SCUMBAGS 6.0 (CA Solar, Sunnyvale)
The Seminoles (FL Breaker, Tampa)
The Situation (VA Recess, Norfolk)
Skeet Skeet Skeet (CA Canyon, Newbury Park)
SoCal Riot (CA Big Surf, San Diego)
Sofa King Good (CA Studio, North Hollywood)
Straight to the Bank (AZ Fire, Phoenix)
Swift Kickin' The Balls (TX Tornado, Plano)
T.T.T. (TX Capital, Austin)
TEAM BAGTAG (WV Jewel City, Huntington)
W. Richard (AZ Fire, Phoenix)
Wake N Bake (CA Big Kahuna, Long Beach)
Walk of Shame (TX Capital, Austin)
We'll Spot You 10 (TX Panther, Fort Worth)
We're Not Here to Make Friends (CA Bayshore, Oakland)
You Look Like I Need a Drink (CT Ivy, New Haven)
Your Mom (CO Mile High, Denver)