The Kickball Games 2012 Team List



WAKA is excited to welcome players to The Kickball Games in Las Vegas on October 6th. Here's the list of teams who will be bringing the fun to World Kickball Championship Weekend!

Milf & Cookies - LA Bayou, LA Crescent
Glad You Came - CA Southbay, CA Invincible
Beaches Be Crazy - CA Hawk, CA Surf City
Ginger Balls - CA Solar
Party Wak! - CA Hawk, CA Surf City
Duke City KrackHeads - CA Studio, CA Celebrity
Honey Badgers - CA Solar
Bed, Bath & Your Mom - NV Lucky
Hold My Beer and Watch This - NV Silver
KFBR392 - CA Studio
Bro's B4 NoHo's - CA Studio
Word UP! - CA Big Surf
The ATLiens - GA Bandit, GA Lightning
 Team Awesome! - CA Crown, CA Jewel City, CA Star, CA Sun, CA Silverlake
Victorious Secret - CA Westside, CA Tinseltown, CA Dogtown
Bloody Chainsaws in Vegas - CA Hollywood, CA Silverlake
San Francisco Sleazy's - CA Bay City
WAKA People - CA Dogtown, CA Hollywood, CA Westside
 Ruthless and Toothless - CA Big Kahuna, CA Dogtown
The Plastered Penguins - AZ Horizon
The Awful Waffle Truffle Shuffles - CA Tinseltown, CA Dogtown
Ponies of Death - CA Hollywood, CA Silverlake
Surf City Ballers - CA Surf City
Team Zissou - NM Sandia, NM Mesa
Big Kahuna Kickball Freaks - CA Action, CA Big Kahuna, CA Riptide, CA Showbreak
Goldmemberz - NV Lucky, NV Silver
 We Poop Rainbows - UT Summit
Puking Bananas - TX Capital, TX Live
Staff Infection - All over the US
Invisaballs - CA Bayshore, CA Capital, CA Neptune