Event History

The WAKA Founders Cup World Kickball Championship is an annual event that brings together the best kickball teams from across the United States.

For now, Las Vegas is the home of Founders Cup and the event is a weekend-long kickball extravaganza! Would you expect any less from bringing together thousands of WAKA players from across the nation? 

The Cup is named after the WAKA Founders (obviously). Having played kickball their entire lives, these three young men started a kickball association that would soon come to be known simply by its acronym, WAKA. In appreciation of the time and energy the Founders dedicated to WAKA and the sport of kickball, a group of players suggested that the first WAKA season champions receive a trophy called, The Founders Cup. Today, the Founders Cup continues to tour the nation, following the World Kickball Championship tournament that has been named after the coveted trophy itself. Cheers from the Founders Cup to the past champions it has met:

1998: The Big Kids (DC Capital)

1999: Afterschool Specials (DC Capital)

2000: Thick Femur (DC Capital)

2001: Pity The Fool (VA Dominion)

2002: Milk Money Millionaires (DC Potomac)

2003: My Left Foot (DC Capital)

2004: Kick Asphalts (VA Dominion)

2005: Kick Asphalts (VA Dominion)

2006: Kick Asphalts (VA Dominion)

2007: DWAKP (FL Beach)

2008: Frosty Balls (VA Recess)

2009: The Others (DC Capital)

2010: Panik Attack (VA Recess)