2013 Founders Cup Referee Requirement

Each participating team in the 2013 Founders Cup will be asked to designate 4 players who may be called upon to serve as a base referee for a Pool Play game occurring while their team is idle.

The names of the designees must be submitted in advance so they can have the benefit of the orientation process all Certified Tournament Referees receive.

No designated player-ref will be asked to ref more than one game, and some may not be needed at all. Anyone willing to continue reffing after their team is eliminated should notify WAKA in advance, and may be allowed to join the compensated CTR corps.

Player-refs will serve only at 1st and 3rd base. A neutral, compensated CTR will serve as head ref.

Referee schedules will be released in advance of the game day. Some players may need to Ref the first round, before their team has played a game.

A team’s failure to provide referees as requested, or by a player-ref to perform in good faith, will result in that team being disqualified from the tournament.

Those designated as Refs will receive access to additional rules orientation materials, and be given a free drink ticket when checking in to the tournament in Vegas.