The Kickball Games FAQ





This is the Info Guide for the 2010 Founders Cup World Kickball Championship Weekend. Please check back in the coming months for 2011 event details.


The 2011 Founders Cup World Kickball Championship Weekend will be held on October 7th - 9th 2011!


Q: What are the Kickball Games?

The Kickball games is the non-competitive pool play / round-robin play tournament as part of the Founders Cup weekend. The purpose is to play some fun kickball games, to meet some fun people and compete to win one of the team superlative categories such as Best Costumes, Best Team Performance, Most Team Spirit, Life of the Party and Best All Around Team.

Q: Who is eligible to play in the Kickball Games?

To be eligible for a team spot, the team must be comprised of players registered with WAKA at any point in 2010. Teams can hold any roster of players from any leagues. Any 2010 registered player will be able to express interest for a team spot, a random selection process will be employed, and those chosen will have 48 hours to accept and register or lose the invite. (Yes, it's true - in these Kickball Games you can get a team spot, and put together a team of whatever fun WAKA people you want to - from any league!)

Q: When are The Kickball Games played?

Registration for The Kickball Games will begin at 1pm on Friday, October 8th at The Platinum Hotel. The Kickball Games start at 12pm on Saturday, October 9th and will be played at Desert Breeze Park in Las Vegas, NV. From Thursday, 10/7 - Sunday 10/10, there are fun WAKA parties that you won’t want to miss!

Q: When are The Kickball Games category winners announced?

The Kickball Games winners for each of the 5 categories will be announced right before the final World Kickball Championship game on Saturday, 10/9.

Q: Are there guidelines for team t-shirts and logos?

At the Kickball Games, a visible WAKA team shirt is preferred but not mandatory. Teams are not required to have all of their players in the same color WAKA team shirt. All players must wear Kickball Games wristbands throughout the weekend. In accordance with WAKA's official shirt policy, all sponsors and/or logos must be pre-approved by WAKA before the event.

Q: How many giveaways or promotional items should our team plan to bring?

Teams wishing to compete for “Best Team Promotions” should turn in 1 giveaway sample at The Kickball Games registration. There are going to be dozens of Kickball Games and Founders Cup teams so bring enough giveaways so people can see what you’ve created, and can get to know your team. Feel free to bring as many or as few as you’d like. Promotional items don’t have to be expensive, just memorable. Use your imagination be creative!

Q: How will “Life of the Party” be judged?

Every Kickball Games team is eligible for the “Life of the Party” award. Be yourself and have fun throughout the game day - Kickball Games judges will be around checking all teams out.

Q: What is the criteria for Best All Around Team?

 “Best All Around Team” is a players’ choice award. All players in The Kickball Games will have a vote. It will come down to what the other teams think of your team out on game day.

Q: When do we compete in team performance?

There will be 2 or 3 time slots throughout game day when teams will have the opportunity to perform for Kickball Games judges. A weekend schedule including detailed Kickball Games Team Performance times and information will be available in the next few weeks. Please keep your team performance under 5 minutes in length.

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