WAKAPalooza Fun Games

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General Information:

When: 10/8/15 - 10/12/15
Planning in progress - check back soon for more info!

Where: Las Vegas, NV
The Flamingo - Right in the center of the Strip!

WAKApalooza Weekend Parties: Exclusive WAKA player parties and events will be arranged throughout the weekend. Stay tuned for more details and full event schedule coming soon!

What exactly are The Fun Games?

The Fun Games are a fun, pool-play WAKA Kickball & Social Sports event held in Las Vegas on the same day as the Founders Cup World Kickball Championship Tournament. Basically it's a big kickball filled day party in the fabulous Las Vegas sunshine. The event is meant for the WAKA Kickball player who wants to experience WAKAPalooza Weekend, Las Vegas and all the excitement that comes with it, but who is looking more for fun and great times than a competition. Start planning your dream team! Teams in The Kickball Games can be made up of ANY WAKA PLAYER from ANY LEAGUE!

Are there prizes?

Yes! Participate and Win Cash and Prizes! Over $5,000 in prizes available!

“The best time you'll never remember.”

“WAKApalooza Weekend is all of the best elements your local WAKA Kickball league has to offer in a season, but done over the course of 4 days and times 100 and then put on steroids!”


“If you are a WAKA player, this is something you cannot deprive yourself from.”


“The best part of the weekend was having two friends getting engaged. They met playing kickball in Huntington Beach, CA, and now will spend the rest of their lives together (hopefully).


“I loved being able to experience Vegas with the team and representing our league. Favorite part of The Kickball Games was meeting players/teams from other parts of the country.”



What is the format for The Fun Games?

48 teams playing in pool play / round-robin play. Purpose: to play some fun kickball games, meet some fun people, and win one of the team superlative categories such as Best Costumes, Most Team Spirit, Life of the Party, and Best Overall Team! 

Who is eligible to play in The Fun Games?

To be eligible for a team spot, the team must be comprised of players registered with WAKA at any point in 2014-2015. Teams can hold any roster of players from any league's. Any 2014-2015 registered player will be able to express interest for a team spot, a random selection process will be employed, and those chosen will have 48 hours to accept and register or lose the invite. (Yes, it's true - in these Kickball Games you can get a team spot, and put together a team of whatever fun WAKA people you want to - from any league!)

Registration open soon! Get your team together!