Coming soon to a Summer near you! WAKA's KICKBALL SUMMER FESTIVAL-Kickball Games, Parties and Fun Events- All Summer Long and beyond!

These offers listed below are only for players signing up and playing WAKA Kickball this summer in Atlanta. Don't miss out as there is no better time than now to lace up those shoes and play. Playing WAKA Kickball is always filled with fun and parties so make sure to keep playing after the summer.

When you sign up to play WAKA Kickball in Atlanta you just don't sign up to play a game. You join one of the best social networks in the country.

This summer we are planning a bunch of fun events both on and off the fields. As the summer unfolds we will keep the surprises and fun coming.

May 29th-31st- WAKA Fun WAKA will be around the Atlanta area giving away koozies, WAKA beads, key chains and other fun stuff. Look for WAKA during this weekend! Some locations will be announced.

May 31st-Help Out a Charity WAKA's Piedmont Leagues have donated equipment to Stand Up For Kids Charity kickball tournament. We also are looking for volunteers that would like to help the organization that day and referee. There is even room for a team or two to sign and play. For more information visit the http://www.standupforkids.org/local/georgia/Atlanta/

June 12th-The Warm Up Season Party- The plans are in the works for a party to help kick off the season right. Don't worry this will only be one of many fun events planned for WAKA's Kickball Summer Festival.

Play For Free-You need to Captain a Team for one of our Summer 2009 seasons. Have 10 or more new players to WAKA sign up and play on your team. You then will receive a free season of play! Good for our Fall 2009 WAKA Kickball seasons in Atlanta(Please note this must be 10 additional players that you bring to WAKA Kickball during the summer season not players that are added by WAKA during team formation. They also must be new players to WAKA Kickball.)Please make sure to e-mail wakasummerfun@kickball.com once you have those 10 brand new WAKA players signed up.

June 29th -First Pitch Surprise During this week two league will get lucky! They will have a local celeb roll out the first pitch.

Free Official WAKA Kickball-Sign up for two of our 2009 Summer leagues and get an official WAKA Kickball for free.( All a player needs to do is e-mail wakasummerfun@kickball.com . Make sure to send in your userID, full name, the league names of play,team name and your phone number).

August 2nd-Charity Week All of our local league will do their best to raise money for charity.

August 8th- Summer Barbeque and Battle Of Media All-Stars Day Get ready for some good grub and fun! Not mention your local DJs and TV personalities, News Paper writers battling it on the kickball field.

Team Summer Prize Pack-One team from Atlanta will win a special prize. There will be a drawing to pick the winner.

All City Tournament-If you have not played with us in Atlanta we have an ALL CITY TOURNAMENT to crown the King of Hill in the Atlanta area. This tournament is scheduled after the league has completed their season. A date for the event will be announced in July. Each league also has it's own tournament.

September 15th-End of the WAKA Kickball Festival ChillIt was a long hot summer. Come chill out! A fun party guaranteed to keep you cool.

October 17th Las Vegas Anyone?Win your league's regular season or come in 1st or 2nd in your own league's tournament. Then you will qualify for the 2010 WAKA's Founders Cup World Championship in Las Vegas.